The Countdown Begins

I have always been one to enjoy the anticipation of a trip almost as much as the trip itself. Right from the moment the plane tickets are purchased or the route has been charted for a road trip the excitement explodes inside me like gasoline thrown on a fire.

It continues to build as the date for departure grows closer and I usually make all of those around me aware of my travel excitement. The countdown begins which is a tad irritating for some, I know.


Then there is the travel day, anticipation has hit a fevered pitch. I enjoy every second from the drive to the airport, doesn’t matter the horrific hour (seems like we always leave at awful times of day).

Then boarding, YAY!! Which used to be combined with terror when I was afraid of flying, totally exhilarating feeling let me tell you, talk about feeling alive! I overcame my fear of flying, thankfully, so the plane ride is now the epic summit of my travel anticipation. Pure joy.

We haven’t been on a plane in 4 years. Not complaining here, we have been working toward the most exciting travel day in our lives to date. The time it’s taken has made me appreciate travel more, drawn out the anticipation (which was a little painful at times).

We are still at Mom and Dads and their place is somewhat near the Airport. I think back over the last year and a half remembering all the times I would see a plane ascending to jet off to what ever destination and I would stop and think, soon, soon we will be taking off to. It feels like a long time coming for me, that’s for sure.

Which brings me to, the time has come!! Plane tickets have been PURCHASED! On April 22nd, 2014 we leave for Colombia to start our expat experiment.

Air Canada Boeing 767-300; C-FMXC@ZRH;20.07.2007/479bu

I am pretty sure people can see the fire inside when they look at me. Every time I think about the departure day the excitement flares and that intense feeling is matched only by a gripping fear, not because of the flight but because, this is it, we are really leaving.

We passed the point of no return for this adventure a long time ago. I can’t remember the date but I can remember the rainy day sitting in Starbucks with Rob. Looking across the table at him over our steamy coffees, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and tears welling in my eyes. I said  “Are we crazy, we are beyond broke! We should put this dream off for 5 years, be responsible! Are we irresponsible??? Have we totally lost it???!!!” That was a little over a year ago now. He talked me down off that ledge that day. Stopping me from putting the brakes on our expat experiment. His words that day kept me focused on the goal, “We are still O.K., we need to stay the course. This dream will come to fruition, we just have to fight a little harder, dig a little deeper and be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep this dream alive!”

So we did,

and now we are here, 82 days and counting.

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  1. says

    Congratulations! I can feel your excitement bursting off the page :-) We are also waiting to start our life of travel with our children, and desperately hoping our house will sell soon so we can just get on with it! I can’t wait to follow along as you explore the planet, I have already enjoyed so much of your blog, reading through the archives. Best wishes xx See you on the road one day 😉
    Gina – Our Global Adventure recently posted..Things to do in Adelaide with KidsMy Profile

    • Tracey says

      Thanks so much Gina! I hope your house sells soon, I can totally relate to the frustration that goes along waiting.When it does sell all of the waiting will seem so worth it. Best wishes to you and I look forward to seeing you on the road some day soon:)

    • Tracey says

      62 days today Christine! The only distraction that’s bigger now is the mountain of things we need to do and sell before we leave:)

  2. says

    Woop!!! Oh the anticipation! I really identify with where you are at. All the times I thought we were absolutely nuts for thinking we could pull it off. Your hubby is absolutely right. Stay the course, all will be well. So excited and happy for you! Hopefully we cross paths on the continent somewhere!
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..The jumping off pointMy Profile

    • Tracey says

      Thanks Sarah! I am sure there will be many more moments of self doubt when we are on the road, that will become part of our “normal”. I Have to say, I love the internet. Almost instant access to true stories of people doing what we are about to do. Reading travel blogs has definitely helped with the personal mental health checks, lots of evidence of “all will be well”:) I hope our paths cross to!

  3. says

    82 days and counting – so great! At the same time you’ve given yourself a good amount of time for gearing up both emotionally and physically. That’s a smart plan, letting it all sink in before you take off.

    I wonder how many conversations of a similar nature have taken place over a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Only for me it would be a Chai Latte. Oh no, now I want one!
    Patti recently posted..See the USA – 12: Home Again ~My Profile

    • Tracey says

      Patti do you think it’s enough time to gear up? I think it is, I hope it is. The countdown is now 74 days and each passing day seems to be going quicker and quicker. I am so, so….. I can’t even find the words. Excited, anxious, relieved, out of my mind with happiness. So many emotions and I am sure I will experience a few more, not as enjoyable, as we begin to say our goodbyes.

    • Tracey says

      Hola Mario! Are you from Cartagena? We can’t wait to experience Colombian culture:) We will be in touch, 74 days.

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